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Grant Writing
Preparation & Training

2007-2012, San Diego CA

  • Qualcomm Inc. Workshop

  • Pew Charitable Trusts Workshops


Experience & Service Offerings 
  • Grant prospecting

    • Research competition funding sources

    • Explore federal, state, local, private, and corporate grant sources

    • Create/manage grant source record​ and track submission deadlines

  • Pursue General Operations and Program Development Support i.e, workshops, collaborationsand educational outreach.

    • Prepare standard grant application materials/program portfolio content:

      • Letter of intent

      • Executive summary

      • Board of Directors' background summary

      • Organization budget and funding sources

      • Problem statement/project purpose 

      • Project goals and objectives

      • Project budget

      • Project methods and strategy 

      • Community impact 

      • Project effectiveness assessment

Service rates negotiable. Hourly, project-based, or retainer fee options. Send query.  

Services rendered: Grant prospecting, writing, record keeping, and application submissions from 2007-2012. Acquired grant funding from the following sources:

  • California Arts Council

  • J.P. Morgan Chase

  • Masserini & French Charitable Trust

  • Sempra Energy

Ballet dancers in tutus

Services rendered: Grant writing and application submission. Applied for grant funding for July 2018 - Pop Up Creativity project with Proposed a Santa Rosa Day of Dance - a public outreach movement created to empower those living with depression through an invigorating dance experience that instills joy, connection, and hope.

Dance feet

Services rendered: Began grant program research in May 2023; explored potential partners/collaborations, and initiated program development Action Plan. The plan entails establishing individual program names and producing standard grant program portfolio content for each collaboration partner (listed below): 

  • Becoming Independent Professional Art Program

  • Creativity Explored

  • The Wellness and Advocacy Center

  • Creative Growth Arts Center

  • Berklee College of Music

  • NIAD (Nurturing Independence Through Artistic Development)

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