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Crowdfunded book publishing efforts via InkShares Publishing.

  • Waiting for Simone - a children's book by Mina Rios

  • See the Music - A novel by Mina Rios. Details to come.

Book Excerpt

"Gabriella and her brother Andrew dreamed of having a dog their whole lives. Fueling this desire was the notion that everyone around them — all their friends and neighbors had dogs, and so it seemed."


ABOUT "Waiting For Simone"

Inspired by fond memories shared between a family and their beloved canine companion of 5 years, "Waiting For Simone" is a tribute to the family's Shepherd/Chow-Chow Simone, who sadly lost her life in 2010. In this first installment of the Simone Tails book series by Mina Rios, readers become acquainted with brother and sister Andrew and Gabriella, along with their parents, and their precious Simone. The story also serves as a commentary on responsible dog ownership and the importance of rescue center pet adoption.

Following the publication of "Waiting For Simone" -- otherSimone Tails will include "Sneaky Simone" and "If Simone Could Fly" -- introducing readers to Simone's inherent silly-side, that made her the one of a kind character she was.


See the Music  - A novel by Mina Rios

Details coming soon.


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